At Lemonly, we pride ourselves on good data. Whether it’s social analytics on this year’s GRAMMYs nominations or the Green Bay Packers’ postseason stats, we love the breakdowns that demonstrate meaning and precisely show the impact of our actions.

WrappingUp12Days-01When we chose to give $1,000 to 12 separate charities over the holidays — nonprofits picked by our 12 employees in Sioux Falls HQ — we asked what our $12,000 accomplished as part of our 12 Days of Giving. We’re honored to have helped families enjoy a meal together, to have offered a strong education for less-fortunate children and provided a safe place to stay.

Below, we’ve laid out the entire list of results from our 12 Days of Giving. We thank each organization for their openness and how they help the lives of those in need.

Here is a breakdown of what each $1,000 donation provided:

• Alyssa’s donation to American Cancer Society will provide more research to find the next breakthrough treatment to save lives.

• Amy’s donation to the Sioux Falls Humane Society will provide 400 pounds of cat food for the shelter.

• Ashton’s donation to March of Dimes will help support the needs of mom, dad, and baby during Baby’s stay in the NICU, as well as the transition to home.

• Becca’s donation to Skateistan is going towards continuing so many different things. For every dollar donated, 89 cents were used directly to provide skateboarding, educational, and leadership opportunities in project countries, 8 cents were used for the administration costs that support the projects, and 3 cents were spent on seeking out funds that will allow Skateistan to continue to serve young people in the future.

• Brett’s donation to Harmony SD will help purchase new violins for 3 children.

• Chris’s donation to Feeding South Dakota will provide 5,000 meals to the surrounding area.

• Connor’s donation to Children’s Miracle Network will go towards assisting families of sick children with meals, travel, and lodging expenses.

• John’s donation to Reach will provide materials and tutoring for 1 adult for an entire year.

• Josh’s donation to The Children’s Inn will provide 42 clients with in-person counseling assistance, 9 days of food for 38 people in the shelter, and 8 days of safe shelter for someone in need.

• Michael’s donation to Hear Nebraska will allow for the 2.0 development of their HN Radio custom music app.

• Morgan’s donation The Ronald McDonald House will allow 20 families to stay overnight while a child is receiving care.

• Ryan’s donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sioux Empire will help the organization continue to support at-risk youth in our community.

We would also like to share with you this video we received from Skateistan. It warmed our hearts incredibly!

The Lemonly HQ crew would like to thank our co-founders, John and Amy, for allowing us to give back during such a special time of year. And also a special thank you to all the organizations we donated to. They were all incredibly friendly, gracious, and helpful in providing information about how they help those in need.