Design your brand with clarity at the core

Behind every great infographic and piece of visual content is a brand — the visual identity that makes your company unique and recognizable. Your brand should be clear, distinctive, and easy to bring to life with visuals. That’s our specialty!

Lemonly designs brands with clarity at the core — through visual identities, messaging, and brand standards that are easy to understand, fun to use, accessible for all, and scalable across your organization. And we’d love to apply a fresh coat of clarity to your brand with a design system.

Your brand’s design system

A design system is the set of assets and standards you use to create branded content. It includes your logo, colors, icons, illustrations, photography, pattern — all the elements you use to communicate your brand’s unique visual identity.

Your design system only becomes more powerful the more you add to it. With more design tools in your toolbox, you can create beautiful branded content for every part of your business — ads! blog posts! business cards! t-shirts for the company picnic! Scalable assets, clear guidelines, and ready-to-use templates make it easy.

Parts of your design system

Check out the design system components we can create to bring your brand to life. 👇

Design toolkit icon

Design toolkit

A design toolkit is a set of assets and templates that allow you to create polished, on-brand visual content quickly and easily. With ready-to-use visual elements you can repurpose for just about any content need, you’ll be whipping up sweet visuals in no time.

What’s included in a design toolkit?

  • Icons
  • Spot illustrations 
  • Pattern
  • Presentation template
  • Social media templates
  • Quick brand guide summarizing key brand components and usage best practices

Goes great with: Messaging guide, brand guide

Want to add to your design toolkit with animated assets? Ask us about upgrading to a motion toolkit.

Logo icon


A logo is a brand’s calling card. Whether you need a new company logo, a refresh to an existing logo, or a service line logo, we’ll help your brand leave a distinctive mark.

Need a name for your organization or business line first? All good. We can do naming in conjunction with a logo.

What’s included with a logo?

  • Full logo suite
  • Logo guide summarizing logo use best practices

Goes great with: Design toolkit, visual style guide, brand guide

Messaging guide icon

Messaging guide

A messaging guide helps you talk about your brand. It gives direction for how to apply a brand’s identity, position, voice, and key messages in written communication. Get all your brand’s communicators on the same page and arm them with templated messaging they can use. (They’ll thank you for it — we promise.)

What’s included in a messaging guide?

  • Brand foundation: Your established mission, vision, and core values
  • Brand position: Positioning statement, brand uniques, features and benefits, and target audiences
  • Voice and tone
  • Messaging considerations

Goes great with: Design toolkit

Visual style guide icon

Visual style guide

A visual style guide is your go-to handbook for applying your brand in design. It describes a brand’s visual identity and shows how to design branded content, with guidelines for using logos, color, illustration, iconography, and more.

What’s included in a visual style guide?

  • Logo use
  • Colors (including WCAG recommendations for accessibility)
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Pattern
  • Photography
  • Applications

Goes great with: Logo, design toolkit

Brand guide icon

Brand guide

Your brand guide is the central source of truth for understanding and applying your brand, with guidance for both messaging and visual style. We’ll help you define and document your brand so it’s ready to deploy.

What’s included in a brand guide?

Brand guide = messaging guide + visual style guide. Your brand guide will include all the components in those sections above.

Goes great with: Logo, design toolkit

Let’s build your brand together

Ready to create a clear, fun, and scalable design system for your brand? Talk with us to learn more about how Lemonly can design your brand with clarity at the core.