Design Systems

Give your brand a visual view from orbit

Space missions should take control rooms full of the world’s brightest engineers.

Marketing missions should not.

That’s what design systems are for, as they can help your team work in warp speed with laser-like attention to detail.

See how in T-minus 10, 9, 8…


A design system centralizes your company’s visual knowledge into a convenient, confusion-free base that can be tapped at any point of any project. It isn’t an illustration library, a style guide, or best practices concerning a few FAQs—it’s all that and more.

“A design system is a great way to focus on the experience rather than the pixels.”

Source: Medium

The Process



  • Review current brand and map out opportunities for improvement
  • Establish design system goals
  • Develop plan for exploration, creation, launch, and support


  • Build style guides for visual assets
  • Design core visual assets (including icons and illustrations) to amplify brand


  • Make core assets accessible via an online portal and design-tool libraries
  • Create branded templates for easy-to-use collateral across teams
  • Produce materials that demonstrate how to use the system


  • Document assets within the system to ensure consistency
  • Define rules for asset usage, maintenance, and additions to the system
  • Educate brand ambassadors on how to manage the system

Reentry & Landing

  • Implement rollout teamwide
  • Monitor success and field suggestions for potential additions to the system
  • Provide extended support when necessary

Our Case Studies

Not sure where to go next with design systems?

We’ve prepared a quiz to see what size of design system fits your company best. You might just earn yourself a spaceship.

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Think of your brand’s visual identity as a solar system. If different types of content are the planets, your design system is the sun. Its gravity keeps the brand revolving in organized patterns. It’s the base of the food chain, feeding the content and supporting the visual identity…

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