Internal Communications

Why your championship team needs a great playbook

Your organization depends on communication. Engagement, productivity, and culture all benefit from all-star communication across the entire team.

When teammates have clarity about the organization’s important messages, teamwork happens and everybody wins.

Go for the gold with an upgrade to your internal communications strategy. Read on to learn how. 

Eyes on the prize

Disengaged employees, low productivity, high turnover and burnout—internal communications and HR professionals face high-stakes problems affecting the bottom line. To create understanding and engage the whole team with your employer brand, visual content is the solution.

Treat your organization’s internal communications as content marketing: a strategic approach to create and deliver important messages that add value to your employees’ lives at work.

Think of Lemonly as your content marketing coach, here to help you build an all-star visual playbook for your internal communications.

How we visualize your message



  • Bring your organization’s story to life through illustrations, iconography, and data visualization.

Interactive experiences

  • Engage employees with responsive elements and dynamic presentation that make large amounts of information easily digestible.

Animated videos

  • Show off your organization’s personality through motion, sound, and character design.


  • Drive potential recruits to seek out more information with easy-to-share, bite-sized bits of content perfect for social media.

Tangible collateral

  • Take your communications off-screen with tactile visual objects team members can use, interact with, and pack along on their everyday adventures.

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Get your head in the game

Start crafting your all-star internal communications playbook

We put together everything you need to build a winning internal communications strategy, including tips, ideas, how-tos, and DIY drills.

Watch our webinar for practical tips and examples

Our latest webinar gives an inside look at how real Lemonly clients use visuals in their internal communications strategy and how those same tactics can help your team overcome some of today’s challenges.

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Treat your internal communications like content marketing

Content marketing is about strategically delivering information that adds value for your audience—and the same is true for your important internal messages. Treating your internal communication more like content marketing will help your whole team be more engaged and informed

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