Do you like learning new things? Stretching your creativity muscle? Are you ready to wedge your way into working with a sweet crew?

Read on.

Photo: Lemonly’s 2017 class of interns (from left), Allison, Carly, and Nick.

When summer comes to Sioux Falls, our hand-picked crop of interns will get to be a part of the Lemonly crew.

We aim to have summer interns in the following roles:

Design | Project Management | Content

Coming from different disciplines, our SLICE crew becomes a Lil’ Lemonly of its own as interns work together on projects at the beginning of the summer.

After a series of obstacle-like courses reduce them to pulp — our lawyer says we have to specify that we’re kidding about that part — they then begin to collaborate with clients on real-life projects with guidance from the Lemonheads.

(Note: Lemonheads = Lemonly employees, not the candy.)



Photo: The whole gang, just before our company retreat in November.

Lemonly is a 6-year-old content marketing and design firm that specializes in infographics, whether they be static, animated, or interactive. We love telling stories for clients large and small.

Being a niche agency (and having an incredibly talented team) means we get to work with some exciting clients like:

Our HQ is in beautiful downtown Sioux Falls, S.D., and our goal is to be the best place to work in the Midwest.

Photo: Our beautiful office in downtown Sioux Falls.


We see an incredible value in having interns each year. We get fresh perspectives from students not only around the area but around the country.

We enjoy teaching our interns a thing or two, too.

The Lemonheads have experience in:

Graphic design, animation, development, photography, copywriting, project management, sales, client relations, social media strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship, badassery, songwriting, ice cream tasting, kayaking, baseball stats, and MORE.

Fun Fact: 7 out of 20 Lemonheads were once summer interns.


Remember how we said we love telling our clients’ stories every day? That means we need our interns to be storytellers in their own right, too. Using your skills, we’d like you to include a short story (fiction or nonfiction, we’re not picky) along with your resume, cover letter, and portfolio link if you have one.

Project management types, you may work best recording yourself telling your story or writing it. Designers/animators, don’t be afraid to use your visual skills to create yours. Writers, feel free to take us on a journey with your written word. The list goes on. However you feel the most creative, go for it. There isn’t a wrong way to tell us your story. Just be sure to use this as a way to show us your skills right off the bat.

To apply, send us:

1. Your story

2. Your resume and cover letter

3. A portfolio or any work examples you see fit 


By 5 p.m., Friday, February 2


  • Do interns have to work in Sioux Falls during the internship? Yep! While we have remote employees, we feel we can teach our SLICE interns best if we can be with them in the office.
  • What if I don’t live in Sioux Falls? We’d want you to live close as you can for the summer so you can come to the office most days. We’ve had students commute from as far as Brookings/Vermillion each day. Others have moved here for the summer with family or found short-term housing. (We can assist with that if needed.)
  • Do interns get paid? You got it! We offer a monthly stipend to our interns.
  • How many hours per week do interns work? Interns start out at 32 hours/week and grow to 40 hours/week once client work begins.
  • Can I use this to fill my internship requirement for college? Of course! Just give us the appropriate paperwork to fill out at the beginning or end of the summer.
  • Do I need to bring my own laptop? Yes, please! Interns will need their own laptops, otherwise, we’ve got the rest covered.
  • How long is the internship? Our SLICE interns will start Monday, May 21st and work with us until Friday, August 17th.
  • Do I still have to be in college to be an intern? Nope! We’ve had recent graduates as interns, too.
  • Can I apply as a freshman? You can certainly apply, but we typically select interns with a bit more experience, usually juniors going into their senior year or recent graduates.


Email other questions to Morgan Hauck, SLICE Program Manager and Lemonly Director of Communications below.