2020, Our Year at Lemonly
2020 May have been a bit of a lemon but we did what we do best - made sweet lemonade (also, infographics). 9 years as a company, 21 internal improvement projects, 1st remote retreat and hackathon. Take a look at the highlights from the key industries we worked with this year and a few of our team's adventures along the way.
Key Industry: Travel. Work Highlights: Design system for transportation startup. 193 attractions illustrated for location maps series. Team Highlights: 6 moves, 17 trips postponed
Key Industry: Healthcare. Work Highlights, 15 pandemic-related pubic health infographics. Daily Covid-19 microcontent series in March and April. Team Highlights: 20+ Welness Task Force Programs: Remote telestrations, water challenge, virtual yoga lunch break, donation drives, step challenge, pumpkin decorating
Key Industry: Education. Work Highlights, 13 explainer videos for high school economics cirriculum. 255 students and teachers surveyed about learning preferences. Team Hilights: Lemonheads picked up a few new skills and hobbies while spending more time at home this year, including: Meditation and journaling, home improvement, cooking, books, movies, & tv, fitness and outdoor activities, puzzles and video games
Key Industry: Technology: Work Highlights: 7 interactive infographics, microsites, and quizzes, 21 internal comms pieces suppring the shift to remote work. Team Highlights: 20% workinmg at Headquarters, 53 virtual happy hours & coffee hangouts
Cheers all around! Lemonheads celebrated some major personal milestones, to. 1 new baby Lemonhead, 2 engagements, 3 weddings
New Partnership Just dropped. In 2021, we're joining forces with Click Rain, bringing together the art and science of digital marketing. 17 lemonheads plus 38 raindrops. "we design clarity" + "putting people first". 470+ years of experience
Our Content marketing toolbox is growing. Now, we have even more ways to tell our clients' stories. Web design and development, conversion rate optimization, user experience, reporting and analytics, seo
Let's be pals. Keep up with the Lemonheads year-round. Webiste: Lemonly.com/lowdown. Facebook & Instagram: @thinklemonly, Twitter and Linked In: @lemonly