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How NurseGrid makes a difference

NurseGrid is the premier scheduling and communication tool for healthcare facilities, connecting to the #1 nurse app in the nation for efficient process management.

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How much is NurseGrid saving hospitals?

We activated 100 NurseGrid accounts for healthcare facilities across the nation to find out.

Fill the staffing holes

Using NurseGrid, managers decreased the amount of time spent filling open shifts by:


Average monthly results per department


Shifts Filled


Phone Calls


Hours Saved
Creating Open Shifts

Decrease in
manager headaches*

*We assume


Saved for open shift

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Keep up with the constant flow of swap requests

Time saved compared to the old process

Average monthly results per department


Saved in
non-productive time


Swaps processed

Back to managing

After implementing NurseGrid, managers now spend 75% less time working on the floor.


Floor Time

Boost staff satisfaction and retention

Dissatisfaction with the schedule is one of the top reasons nurses leave their jobs.


Turnover costs per nurse

And it’s growing every year

Nurses in a nationwide survey said

Using NurseGrid would make their
department a more appealing place to work


Nurses in departments using
NurseGrid Manager said

Its implementation has made
them more satisfied

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Join the growth of NurseGrid

Since a group of nurses launched NurseGrid in 2014, it has taken the healthcare community by storm.


nurse app in the nation


users (and growing)



Nursing staffs are smitten.

See for yourself.

From these 100 departments who began using NurseGrid, we saw an increase in process efficiency for management and a significant boost in staff satisfaction—saving these departments enormous amounts of time, money and staff.

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