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Visual storytelling trusted by the world’s best brands

Animated explainer videos turn tech talk and dry demos into clear, captivating visual content. With animated video, you can impact viewers with a compelling narrative and delight them with motion. Your product shines. Your audience understands it. Viewers become leads and customers.

Let Lemonly unlock the power of visual storytelling for your tech company. Our animated videos distill complex concepts into crystal-clear stories. From snappy home page explainers to in-depth tutorials, custom animation gives your innovation the star treatment. We’d love to collaborate with your team to see how our skills can make your brand sizzle.

Captivating animation that converts

Let’s face it: Attention spans are short, and communicating your value quickly can make all the difference. Animated explainer videos turn interest into action — holding viewer attention, making a memorable impression, and driving leads and sales.

Your home page deserves a dynamite visual experience that sparks customer engagement. We’ll tell your story in a concise video that captures your product’s value with a compelling message.

Tired of the same stock photos and technical jargon everyone’s using? You’ll stand out from the crowd with custom animation, a clever script, and delightful details that nail your brand’s unique vibe. Animation can breathe new life into your existing brand elements or be an opportunity to expand your visual identity.

We’ve created animated videos with awesome clients like these:

Logos for some of Lemonly's animated video clients

Video wins in tech marketing

The data is clear — if you’re not investing in video, you’re falling behind. And when it comes to B2B marketing, you’ve got very little time to convince buyers. Dynamic videos grab your audience’s attention quickly and engage them long enough to build excitement and understanding.

90% of marketers say video has helped them increase leads — and 87% say it’s helped increase sales. (Wyzowl)

25% of marketers say video is their highest-ROI content type — higher than any other media format by far. (HubSpot)

An animated explainer video can be your brand’s most valuable piece of visual content — as a cornerstone visual asset for your home page and a versatile piece of divisible content you can share, slice up, and repurpose across lots of channels.

Get the animation advantage

Clarity icon


Use expertly crafted animation to transform technical jargon into understandable visual explanations. 

Memory icon


Stand out and stay in mind with eye-catching motion and a memorable story.


Show, don’t just tell. Use animation to demonstrate real user scenarios, explain abstract ideas, and deliver in-depth tutorials.


Humanize your tech with animation style, characters, music, sound effects, and voiceover that strike the perfect vibe for your brand.


Turn tech specs and key metrics into eye-catching visualizations that make data digestible for everyone.

Usability icon


Invest in a great explainer video and let it work hard for you across all your marketing channels — website, social, demos, and more.

Seriously sweet work

Check out Lemonly’s animated video portfolio to see how we’ve helped other tech companies transform their cutting-edge solutions into captivating stories.

Creating a Meaningful Supporter Experience – DonorDrive

Watch the video »

How Semiconductors Promote Sustainability – Texas Instruments

Watch the video »

Data Transmission Using the Electromagnetic Spectrum – Midco

Watch the video »

Leveraging Microservices for Digital Transformation – Dynatrace

Watch the video »

CoreLogic Sizzle Video

Precision Marketing Powers Customer Engagement – CoreLogic

Watch the video »

Intro to LendTrade Explainer Video Preview

Showcasing Platform Benefits for Loan Sellers and Buyers – LendTrade

Watch the video »

Not your average animation agency

Standing out is our standard. Lemonly is the home of the world’s best infographics, and we apply that clarity-first approach to everything we create. We work with top brands like Leidos, Marriott, Activision Blizzard, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America to tell their stories through delightful design and clever content.

We design clarity

Think of us as your tech translators. Our small-but-mighty team will collaborate with you to capture your product’s key points and your brand’s unique flavor with world-class animation that really packs a punch.

With 12+ years of experience collaborating with clients from nearly every industry, we’re ready to add some zest to your tech brand. We’ve created animated videos for topics and use cases like these:

  • Home page explainers
  • Product demos
  • Product launches
  • Feature roll-outs
  • In-depth tutorials
  • Digital transformation
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
  • Thought leadership
  • Sales enablement

No surprises, just delight

We’re experts at turning your lemons into lemonade. Our tried-and-true animation process helps ensure a sweet experience at every stage — and we’ve got hundreds of video projects under our belt to prove it.

Here’s a look at our animated video process (in an animated video — woah, meta!)

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Get started with your animated video

Ready to squeeze more out of your tech marketing? Let’s craft an explainer video for your brand with a touch of Lemonly zest. Hit that button below for a friendly chat, and we’ll create a plan to match your goals, audience, and budget.