Nexthink Employee Application Experience Infographic

A Classic Infographic for Nexthink

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Turning boring into brilliant is our specialty. We worked with Nexthink to help make IT more engaging and personal in this SVG infographic, using playful characters to visualize common IT struggles and employees’ pain points for various applications.

Check out how the graphics are crisp (even when zoomed in), the text is selectable, and the CTA is clickable. That’s the power of SVGs. Learn more about why SVGs are the MVP of infographics over here on our blog.

Nexthink Application Experience Infographic Hey IT, how well do you know your applications? Employees interact with more and more SaaS applications daily. Application disruptions, slowness, and crashes can stop employees in their tracks. And IT teams don't have what they need to quickly get everyone back up and running smoothly. You are not alone. Today, IT teams struggle with: Limited controlover employees’ experiences with applications Lack of visibilityinto their SaaS applications No insight into how employees feel about the applications they useevery day What does application success even look like? Sure, you know when your SaaS applications crash. You may even know the frequent issues, but you don’t know their cause. Understanding if it’s the infrastructure, an application, the network or on your employee’s device is no easy feat for IT teams. To manage a growing number of applications, IT teams must have continuous visibility into each unique application to drive more productive employee experiences. Meet the Applications CRM APPLICATIONThe Micro Manager The Micro Manager is as capable as it is controlling, but with every additional click and mandatory field, employees fail to see all it has to offer. “That’s not right. You must follow the process.” “I wish I could simplify this process so our employees could be more productive.” PRODUCTIVITY & COLLABORATION APPLICATIONThe Party Planner The Party Planner is always happy to bring people together, but it may interrupt your fun with long waits, pushing employees to find another place to go meet. “It’s not me. Maybe it’s the network?” Is it the network? I wish they knew what is going on so they don’t always blame me.” ITSM APPLICATIONThe Hot Ticket The Hot Ticket plays a pivotal role, but can be hard to like. Sometimes it’s as high maintenance as they come and its reputation suffers for it. “Listen up! You must file a ticket or it won’t get fixed.” “Why does everyone hate creating tickets?” PROJECT MANAGEMENTAPPLICATIONThe Taskmaster The Taskmaster keeps users on schedule, but its demanding approach and numerous notifications can also push them away. “Did you see my notifications on step 17? I sent you dozens of them.” “I wish I could know what step is causing them to give up on me.” ERP APPLICATION The Snail The Snail is a crucial member of the team and is trusted with a lot of work. With too much on its plate, its slow pace frustrates employees. “I’m going as fast as I can!” “I keep falling behind and I wish I knew where the bottlenecks are located.” Get to know your applications better Stop treating all SaaS applications the same and start driving more productive employee experiences. Be the first to see how in our upcoming live webinar. ATTEND THE WEBINAR