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You know her. You love her. But how well do you know the history of Barbie? Barbie’s many evolutions have taken her to the runway, the White House, and everywhere in between. For more than 60 years, Barbie has held a special place in the hearts and imaginations of children everywhere — and done it all in pink high heels.

To celebrate Barbie’s iconic legacy and the premiere of Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, we created this infographic to help Barbie fans everywhere learn more about the history of one of the world’s most iconic dolls.

Check out the illustrated timeline of Barbie history below!

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History of Barbie Infographic by Lemonly The History of Barbie Barbie is everything. She’s been a blonde bombshell, a sartorial superstar, and a close companion to children and adults alike for over sixty years. Since making her way onto toy store shelves (and into our hearts), Barbie has had a storied, stylish legacy.We’re unboxing the history of Barbie — everyone’s favorite fashionista, plastic playmate,and celebrated career woman. C’mon, everybody, let’s go party! 1959Introducing Barbara Millicent RobertsBarbie creator Ruth Handler believed that little girls wanted more than baby dolls; they wanted a figure that could represent their dreams for the future. Apparently, she was right — Mattel sold over 300,000 Barbies within the first year. Vintage Barbie dolls:1959 Barbie sold that year: $31959 Barbie sold today: $25,000 Full name: Barbara Millicent RobertsAge: 19Height: 11”Birthplace:American International Toy FestivalOccupation: Model 1961He’s just KenMattel introduced Barbie’s longtime beau, Ken Carson, in 1961. There isn’t much to say about KenHis occupation is “beach”He has great hair 1962 Barbie’s DreamhouseBarbie got her personal, posh Dreamhouse twelve years before women could even open their own bank accounts in the U.S. Since then, the Dreamhouse has become an iconic staple of the Barbie brand. 1967 Famous friendsMattel released its first Barbie based ona celebrity: British supermodel, Twiggy. Other famous figurines in the Barbie line include Cher (1976), KateMiddleton (2012), and Zendaya (2015). 1980Barbie breaks the moldMattel had introduced dolls of color — like Christey, a Black doll — as early as 1967, but these dolls had always been friends of Barbie. 1980 saw the first “Barbies” of color: A Black and Hispanic Barbie were both created to make the brand more inclusive. The Barbie brand has made huge stridesin diversity in the last forty years. Now, Mattel features: 9 different body types35 different skin tones97 hairstyles 1992Barbie for PresidentBarbie has reminded countless girls that they can do anything, which includes holding the highest office in the U.S. Ms. Barbie Roberts has run for president every election year since 1992. 1992 also saw the creation of Totally Hair Barbie — the best selling doll of all time. Mattel sold over 10 million Totally Hair dolls in just three years. 2004 Heartbreak BarbieTragedy struck when everyone’s favorite couple went their separate ways. Mattel announced that Barbie and Ken broke up, and they’ve been on-again, off-again ever since. We can’t say for sure, but Barbie’s career ambitions may have had something to do with the big split. Since her introduction in 1959, Barbie has held over 200 job titles, including McDonald’s cashier, Canadian Mountie, and robotics engineer. 2009Barbie turns 50 in styleTo celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday, Mattel partnered with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show in New York City to bring Barbie to the runway. Designers like Vera Wang and Christian Louboutin collaborated to recreate iconic Barbie looks. 2016 Representation mattersat MattelFollowing its years of increased diversity in skin colors and hair types, Mattel finally introduced Barbies of varying body shapes. The Barbie “Fashionistas” included four different sizes, seven skin tones, and 24 hairstyles. 2018Inspiring Women inspire everyone Barbie created doll versions of inspiring female role models from the past and present in an effort to empower kids everywhere. The Inspiring Women doll line first featured artist Frida Kahlo, mathematician Katherine Johnson, and pilot Amelia Earhart. 2023 The summer of BarbieJuly 21, 2023, saw the release of Greta Gerwig's Barbie film (yes, film) starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, marking Barbie’s first foray into live action movies. Today, the Barbie brand has an estimated $6.42 billion net worth. Mattel estimates two Barbies are sold every second. Created by Lemonly Home of the world's best infographics