2016 Impact Report

A Classic Infographic for Picture Motion

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Picture Motion is the premier marketing and advocacy firms for issue-driven films. Their campaigns and partnerships help audiences become activists for a variety of issues in today’s world.

We were thrilled to help them showcase some of their standout projects from 2016 in this infographic. It originally appeared on their website.

picture-motion-impact-report WE ARE THE XX THE BAD KIDSCONSIDER THE ALTERNATIVEROMEO IS BLEEDING WOMEN & GIRLS EDUCATION AUDRIE& DAISY AFTER FIRE HEALTH & WELL-BEING BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGSCOPD: HIGHLY ILLOGICALLEFT ON PURPOSEUNREST SEXUAL ASSAULT INEQUALITY CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM FREEDOMTO MARRY LGBTQ THE BOMB/N SQUARE NUCLEARSECURITY MARIAMKEEPERS OF THE GAME WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS GUN VIOLENCEPREVENTION MISS SLOANE UNDER THE GUNNEWTOWN 13TH KICKSAMERICA DIVIDEDWHERE TO INVADE NEXT LION CHILDRENS RIGHTS & PROTECTION AT THE FORK ETHICALEATING SPECIAL PROJECTS AMERICAN FILM SHOWCASEAFI DOCSIMPACT LAB DNC IMPACT FILM FESTIVAL THE RETURNDO NOT RESISTUNTOUCHABLESOLITARY ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE BEFORE THE FLOODRACING EXTINCTIONHAPPENINGDEATH BY DESIGN IMPACT REPORT IMPACT HIGHLIGHTS OVERLAPPING CONNECTION ISSUE AREA CRIMINAL JUSTICE13TH CRIMINAL JUSTICESOLITARY TO CELEBRATE AND EMPOWER SELF-PROCLAIMED #NASTYWOMEN everywhere, we worked with EuropaCorp and Refinery29 to brand the Miss Sloane #NastyWomen screening series. WOMEN & GIRLSMISS SLOANE TO HELP KEEP CLIMATE CHANGE TOP OF MIND HEADING INTO THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, we designed a university screening tour with National Geographic.WE ORGANIZED OVER 50 ON-CAMPUS SCREENINGS In the weeks leading up to election day. We partnered with theSkimm and Rock The Vote to encourage students to register to vote and identify elected officials that believed in finding solutions to climate change. ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGEBEFORE THE FLOOD SCREENED THE FILM FOR CONGRESS IN THE U.S. CAPITOL And for the Department of JusticeENGAGED 6 MEMBERS OF CONGRESS IN the events Securedhigh-profile, well-networked #NastyWomen speakers for 20 SCREENINGS ACROSS THE COUNTRY Collaborated with partners such as the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife to bring the film to over 250 CAMPUSES ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO HELP SHIFT THE PUBLIC DISCOURSE AROUND RACE AND MASS INCARCERATION in the United States, we partnered with Netflix to design and execute a community screening series. WE EMPOWERED ORGANIZATIONS TO USE THE FILM as a tool in their ongoing campaigns by highlighting local experts and activists working on criminal justice and prison reform. Featuring experts like: Michelle Alexander at The Ohio State University Media Mobilizing Project and the ACLU at the African American Museum in Philadelphia The Center for Media Justice and Ella Baker Center in Oakland TO BRING ATTENTION TO THE HARMFUL PRACTICE OF SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, we worked with the film team to design a national series of screenings.OUR SERIES HELPED INCREASE AWARENESS AND ENGAGEMENT around the issues raised in the film by hosting events in key states considering reform as well as with federal policymakers. Events included: Madison, WI with the Prison Ministry Project and WISDOM Richmond, VA with the ACLU 60+ SCREENING EVENTS in DICK’S Sporting Goods markets with 9,000+ ATTENDEES 20 IMPACTFUL SCREENING EVENTS IN 17 CITIES with approximately 5,600 attendees After the tragic shooting in Orlando, our impact campaign emailed a digital copy of the film and letter from the filmmakers to 541 LEGISLATIVE CORRESPONDENTS AND CONGRESSIONAL CHIEFS OF STAFF TO ADDRESS GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION, we partnered with EPIX to organize screenings of the film that supported local grassroots efforts and campaigns.In one post-screening discussion, renowned poet Nikki Finney spoke passionately against the prominence of gun advertisements in her local airport. Audience members went home and made phone calls to protest the billboards. The next morning, the state newspaper reported that the ads were removed due to public outrage. GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTIONUNDER THE GUN TO FOSTER CONVERSATIONS AROUND THE ROLE SPORTS PLAYIN EDUCATION AND FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, we worked with Tribeca Digital Studios and DICK’S Sporting Goods to bring the film to high schools across the country. WE PROVIDED DISCUSSION MATERIALS AND OPPORTUNITIES TO RAISE MONEY for athletic programs at screenings of the film, which highlights the first Native women’s team to bring home a Section Championship. IMPACT HIGHLIGHTS EDUCATIONKEEPERS OF THE GAME TO DETERMINE HOW TO BEST SUPPORT VULNERABLE AND MISSING CHILDREN in India, we developed a comprehensive landscape report by working with more than 35 international organizations and experts. CHILDRENS RIGHTS & PROTECTIONLION DESIGNED A FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN to benefit 3 grassroots organizations working in India TO TACKLE SYSTEMIC INEQUALITY in education, housing, healthcare, labor, criminal justice and the political system in America, we collaborated with EPIX on a robust screening tour and digital campaign for the original series.WE LAUNCHED A DYNAMIC AND INTERACTIVE WEBSITE with video content, resources from partners, shareable social media language, videos and a customizable photo submission tool. INEQUALITYAMERICA DIVIDED OVER 100 SCREENINGS ACROSS THE COUNTRYA digital campaign that generated over 8.8M FACEBOOK IMPRESSIONS AND 2.6M TWITTER IMPRESSIONS