Volvo Onboarding Kit

A Static Infographic for Volvo

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We worked with our friends at Volvo to create an onboarding kit with multiple pieces to help welcome new employees. The kit included a welcome pennant, a fillable infographic, and a “field guide” to guide new hires through their first few days and weeks at the company.

Take a look at the entire onboarding kit below.

Welcome Pennant

Especially in a large office with new hires joining the team frequently, it can be hard to know where those new folks are sitting — and where you can find them to say hello! New employees display this fun pennant at their desk or outside their office to let others know there’s a new pal to greet.

Fill-In-Your-Own Infographic

Conversation starters help make that first-day small talk less intimidating. It’s a lot easier to say hello to a new coworker if you have something to talk about or even bond over — like their latest binge, favorite hobby, or dream destination.

New employees complete and display this printed fill-in-your-own infographic to spark some friendly chit-chat, show some personality, and help teammates get to know them better.

Onboarding Field Guide

The printed field guide booklet below is the new employee’s field guide for their first few weeks. It contains a welcome letter, onboarding checklist, maps of the campus and floor, and a customizable journey tracker to mark major milestones along the way.

Paired with the rest of the onboarding kit, the field guide helps new hires feel welcomed, informed, and engaged from day one.

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