Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, I dreamed of becoming a Lemonly intern—you know, the ones who go on to change the world as daring astronauts, caring dog sitters, and full-time Lemonly designers. There was just one problem. 


Maybe, I thought, if I follow the Lemonly employees on social media, slowly sliding into their DMs, like “Hey, I know we’ve never met, but…” Of course not, Cameron! Don’t be ridiculous. What then? What’s the secret to landing the Lemonly internship?

For weeks on end this enigma tormented me—sleepless by night, delirious by day—until, as if by miraculous appointment, it occurred to me, the most precious of insights: Google it!

Reader, I Googled it. And there, before my eyes, unfurled a proliferation of wisdom so profound, so illuminating, that all of my trepidation and imposter syndrome melted away in one glorious moment. Initially I read the headline “Lemonly Internship 101” with disbelief. Clicking on the link, however, I found a video from Lemonly literally telling me how to get an internship. 

I could not believe my luck! But it didn’t stop there. Reading on, I found a whole list of links which unlocked the secrets of landing the Lemonly internship—links like this, this, this, and even this. What’s more, I discovered an entire web page of Lemonly’s past work, a resource I quickly took to studying in earnest.

Digging deeper still into my Google search, I uncovered a treasure trove of information about the coveted company. I read about Lemonly’s core values, company culture, and—gasphiring practices and possible interview questions. Like Harry Potter when he happened upon (*spoiler alert*) Snape’s copy of Advanced Potion-Making, I pored over my discoveries, taking notes and putting facts to memory. 

Suddenly, what had once been only a pipe dream was bursting into the realm of possibility. With all this fresh knowledge, perhaps I, too, can be a Lemonly intern. I submitted my application (and follow-up email!) and waited.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re wondering if you can get the Lemonly internship. Let me just say this: If I can land it (oh yeah, I landed it), then so can you.

P.S. You’re welcome.