Howdy! 👋

You all know me as “Morgan at Lemonly.” I hop into your inbox about once a month, and chances are you’ve worked with me in some capacity if you’ve ever been a Lemonly client. If you see me in person, I’m typically wearing something yellow and at least one lemon accessory at all times. (I take being on-brand very seriously. 😉)

During these past nine years, I’ve “worn a lot of hats” here (as most employees at small companies do), from project management intern to project manager to community manager to marketing manager to director of comms to director of business development… It’s safe to say I hold the record for title changes at the company! My role has evolved as the company’s needs have changed, and I’ve been happy to step up to the challenge each time.

I’m writing to say this week will be my last week with Lemonly. It stings to write that sentence—almost as much as it did to tell our co-founders and the team—but I’m chasing a dream to work in the public sector. It was an opportunity that came up out of nowhere that my heart said to go for, just like it did when I heard about the internship that led me to Lemonly years ago. To say it’s bittersweet is so cliché, but, damn, it’s very true in this instance.

Truth is, I’ve grown up right alongside Lemonly. In 2012, 21-year-old Morgan was alerted to an internship with this new company called, an offshoot of 9 Clouds (our original sister company), and it piqued my interest. I interviewed with our CEO, John, in a library conference room, and the rest is history. At that time, the company had just hired their second employee, Ashton. As the first project manager, I can recall John saying, “We’ve never held a company meeting before. Can you help me set one up?”

As time went on, I got the opportunity to build client relationships, grow our social media presence, and write on our blog. I then helped grow our internship program, started managing our content/marketing team, and led our sales efforts, using my historical knowledge of our past projects and tried-and-true design process to help new customers say yes to working with us.

Cut to 2021, and I can confidently say Lemonly is now a well-oiled machine. As a company, we’ve matured in seemingly infinite ways compared to my first day at a coworking space in DTSF, but the essence of the company has remained the same. We’re a small, scrappy team who wants to make impactful, beautiful content—and have fun while we do it.

I will forever be Lemonly’s #1 fan, and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come for this crew. We have the most stellar team in place to help continue the tradition of creating world-class visuals, telling impactful stories, and, most importantly, designing clarity for our clients. 

I want to take a moment to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every client, fan of the company, and especially to the Lemonheads past and present. The Lemonheads are incredible people, folks. They’re so smart, insanely creative, and caring to boot. It has been the absolute time of my life working with them, and I’m nothing but excited for what’s to come for the company.

Keep an eye out for amazing things as the new Lemonly and Click Rain partnership continues to unfold. I’ll be the first to confidently say it will be kickass. Now, I’ll be watching from the sidelines, cheering my heart out, and beaming with pride.

🍋 Morgan