This is one of three case studies Lemonly has compiled featuring visual content for internal communications. These examples have been altered to keep client information confidential where needed. Check out our other case studies about internal communication for employer branding and onboarding, training, and benefits education.

Every organization changes over time. Sometimes change comes in the form of a new strategic vision or an internal initiative to improve the company culture or navigate a fluctuating industry landscape. Internal communications that use a visual approach make these important organizational plans memorable for years to come. 

Here’s a sample of the variety of projects we’ve created to help companies break down a strategic vision or internal initiative.

Strategic Vision Infographic

Not everyone in your company has a 10,000-foot view of where the organization is headed—some folks are on the ground, carrying out the essential day-to-day work that keeps your company moving. With this infographic, we helped align the entire organization with a strategic vision and growth plan, including everyone from members to employees to managers. Now everyone has a clear view of what’s to come.

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Diversity and Inclusion Handout

Recognizing and celebrating the great diversity of your team, your customers, and the world around us makes us all better. This printable, folded piece was included in a packet of information distributed to all employees about a new strategic initiative to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.


Responsible Marketing One-Pager

Everyone on your team should be working from the same playbook. That was the goal of this handout we created to help educate a company’s entire team about their approach to solving industry-specific problems. This handout was also repurposed into a custom-designed presentation deck to help explain a variety of new marketing initiatives to a specific department.

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