“Hey! Can you hear me okay?”

Without fail, every meeting these days starts with that familiar phrase as Lemonly has been fully remote for the last several months—but there have been two new additions to these meetings and the Lemonly team: 

The interns!

My name is Alexandra (but you can call me Alex, everyone does) and I’m the Content and Project Management Intern this summer. The other half of our team is none other than Luke Latza; he brings the design vision to life. 

While our internship looks different than other Slice intern classes, we’re still learning a lot as we create our first infographic and virtually ‘sit in’ on many meetings. Now that we’ve got our bearings a bit, we wanted to zoom on over and meet the readers of the blog, too. Here’s our take on Lemonly’s classic Q&A!

The Basics

Where are you from? 

Luke: Sioux Falls, SD 

Alex: Britton, SD

Where and what did you study? 

L: I’m going to be a senior at SDSU in the fall studying graphic design. 

A: I studied communication studies and advertising at South Dakota State. I am now pursuing my master’s degree at my alma mater studying communication and media studies. 

What’s on your bucket list? 

L: I would love to be in a Star Wars/Harry Potter film.

A: Become a mom. :’) 

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

L: An artist… or a jedi. (I [Alex] would like to comment that Luke’s aptitude for both of these professions have combined to make him a great designer and a great peacekeeper in my intern life!)

A: I wanted to be an artist, and then I realized I’m not actually very good at art. 

Interning from Home  

How long does your commute typically take? 

L: My commute takes a swift minute to get down the stairs. I grab a Pop-Tart on the way.

A: I have my desk at the end of my bed, but my commute involves heading to the kitchen to grab a xyience, fizz, or bubblr—caffeine that goes straight to my soul. 

What’s your go-to WFH snack?

L: Water and garlic bread. The essentials.

A: Mike & Ike’s Mega Mix or pretzels!

Are you ready to get into the office? 

L: Of course. I can’t wait to meet everyone (for real) and experience Lemonly HQ in all its glory.

A: While my commute is much shorter now (I live in Brookings), I am so excited for all the hands-on experience I can get in the office. I’m excited to finally meet all the people I’ve been seeing through my screen!

Our Sweet Gig 

Share a goal you have for the summer. 

L: My favorite goal is just to come out of the summer having made some awesome graphics.

A: Figure out what type of position I’d like most after finishing my degree. I’m very multi-passionate and grateful to be doing ‘both halves’ of my internship, but I want to find out what brings me the most joy. 

What drew you to Lemonly and what’s exciting now that you’re here (even virtually)? 

L: I heard John speak at SD Advertising Federation Student Day last year and I was awestruck. At the time, I didn’t know places like Lemonly existed in my own hometown. I’m inspired by the work Lemonly produces and the awesome people that work here. Now that I’m here, it’s been great getting to learn some of Lemonly’s tips and tricks for design.

A: I toured Lemonly and interviewed John three years ago when I was an intern at the South Dakota Art Museum. I was enamored, and it was always in the back of my mind. Now that I’m here, I’m loving the collaboration on projects and seeing projects transform from an idea to a complex, beautiful, and strategic piece of media. 


How do you feel today compared to your first day “at” Lemonly? 

L: I feel more grounded, and on the first day I had a little headache. It’s gone now!

A: I feel even more excited. During my first week, I felt like I was in a new foreign country. I’m slowly learning the language, and that gives me more confidence each day! 

Name a dream client you think Lemonly should work with. 

L: Wes Anderson. ‘Nuff said.

A: SPANX. Sara Blakely, hmu. 

The Must-Haves 

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?

L: I would be Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader to fulfill a childhood dream of mine.

A: I’d be Andy in Devil Wears Prada… 1) She’s wicked smart and talented; 2) she is given a bunch of designer items and goes to Paris for work; and 3) because I’d dump her terrible boyfriend who is absolutely the worst part of an otherwise fabulous film. 

What’s your favorite app? (either on your phone or on your plate)

L: YouTube and fried pickles. 

A: Instagram! 

Team Pizza or Team Burrito? Choose carefully.

L: Definitely pizza. You can’t beat a fresh, steamy, greasy box of pizza. 

A: Pizza, of course. I am a SLICE intern, after all. 😉 

Before everyone leaves the meeting, let us say thanks for getting to know us, the 2020 Slice Interns! You’ll be seeing more from us throughout the summer as we become further integrated and return to HQ with the rest of the Lemonheads!

Luke and I have been cooking up our first infographic, too. Let’s just say, we think it’s…tasteful! 😉

– Alex & Luke