2017 Lemmy Awards
Lemmy award velvet ropes yellow carpet
Roll out the bright-yellow carpet.
Let's celebrate the best work
to come out of Lemonland in the last year.

The Opening Numbers

Let us count the ways, the ways and means,
in which we gave our zest and zing to many things, like:


Packers games


hockey teams


Marriott hotels
in 8 countries


illustrations for a
wine publication


minutes of video
for a car corporation


pairs of microsites
for BP and Alere


report pages

And much, much more, of course!
Now, to pick the winners of the 2017 Lemmy Awards, we welcome... you! Place your votes wisely. :)
Best Project Lemmy

Best Project

Let's start with what we're most proud of: our projects. In 2017, we explored international waters and ocean seeding, holidays in San Antonio and neighborhoods in Charlotte, and everything in between, as shown in the nominees.

Vote for the project you like most.

ocean with fish
elves building a snowman
mayor with money
autonomous car with satellites
map of Africa
South Dakota
map of Charlotte with two people
students in a class at Northwestern University in Qatar

The Nominees:

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    Fisheries Around the World are Collapsing — for Oceaneos right arrow
  • checkmark
    Where Holiday Memories are Made — for Marriott right arrow
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    Pension Pursuit — for Hoover Institution right arrow
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    Approaching the Age of Autonomous Vehicles — for Swift Navigation right arrow
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    Cooperation in International Waters in Africa — for World Bank right arrow
  • checkmark
    2016 Annual Report — for South Dakota Tourism right arrow
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    Uniquely Charlotte — for Marriott right arrow
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    Student Journey — for Northwestern University in Qatar right arrow
Smartest Blog Post Lemmy

Smartest Blog Post

Lemonly blog posts fall in one of three categories — Culture, Design, and Resources — and the nominees below cover the gamut. From a lesson on overhauling your website to a walkthrough on posting infographics to social media, we shared some real nitty-gritty trade secrets last year.

Which post piques your interest?

Lemonly lab
Building Your Own PPC (Party Planning Committee)
You Made an Infographic, Now What?

The Nominees:

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    How to Redesign a Website (Without Losing Your Mind) right arrow
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    Building Your Own Party Planning Committee right arrow
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    Sharing Infographics on Social Media right arrow
Sweetest Illustration Lemmy

Sweetest Illustration

We like to wonder what life's like for the characters in our infographics. Other times, we wish we could just hop into an illustration and hang out awhile.

Which of these would you most want to hang on your wall?

beetle and bubbles

We had lots of fun demonstrating the unique properties of interference color and how manufactured paints mimic nature.


Speaking of nature, we got up close and personal with this eukaryotic cell. Isn’t science pretty? Or weird-looking? Or both?

tea kettle

If this kettle of tea doesn't soothe you, we suggest you see a doctor. Mmm, excuse me, designer, can you serve up another please?

various job roles with California flag

We like to think this group of workers formed a band and has a competitive, but amicable relationship with the Village People.

The Nominees:

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    Color Innovation
  • checkmark
    Cell Types & Structures
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    Afternoon Tea at the Library Lounge
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    9 Million Reasons to Support Learning
Smartest Blog Post Lemmy

"Dang, I Wish They Were My" New Hire

The sweetest part of Lemonly is by far our team, and last year heralded a few new lemonheads.

Pick your favorite of the bunch.

The Nominees:



Office Manager

Emily's the first friendly face you'll meet at Lemonly HQ. She keeps the office running in tip-top shape, paying the bills, and ensuring the coffee is stocked.


Project Manager

Kelsea, as a true cheesehead, loves being in charge of our Packers infographics, and smilingly works with a bevy of other clients, including AthenaHealth, Pfizer, and WebMD.


Project Manager

Allison manages a few dozen Marriott projects at once, all without breaking a sweat. After starting as a summer intern, she's been a quick learner and frequent giggler.
Most Forwardable Email Campaign Lemmy

Most Forwardable Email Campaign

We promise: If you get any of these emails forwarded to your inbox, none will contain warnings about impending death if you break the chain. We can promise only impending delight.

Which one would you subscribe to, (or do you love most already)?

The Nominees:

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    Lemonly Lowdown right arrow
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    The Fabric Newsletter right arrow
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    Point Letter right arrow
Annual Tradition My Company Should Adopt First Lemmy

Annual Tradition
My Company Should Adopt First

We try to make our company the best place to work in the Midwest. A lofty goal, but goals are kind of our thing. To help accomplish that mission, we've established a few annual traditions that keep Lemonly improving, giving, and celebrating.

Which tradition are you pitching to your boss first?

3/2/1 charity program
annual report

The Nominees:

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    Hackathon right arrow
  • checkmark
    3/2/1 Charity Program right arrow
  • checkmark
    An Annual Report Like This One right arrow

Awards shows never have great endings. Let’s change that.

The winners of the non-televised Lemmy Awards are hidden in the balloons. Pop ’em to find the cards.

Thanks for another great year!