Over the past few months, you may have noticed some challenging circumstances arising in the world of work (and pretty much everywhere else). 

Many teams are working remotely, some for the first time, which requires different communication methods and tools. 

“Information overload” has been taken to a whole new level, and it’s hard to know what to focus on first. 

Employees are likely more stressed and/or anxious. Not great for wellness, engagement, or productivity.

In the midst of all the confusion and change, internal communications professionals are doing their best to ensure everyone knows about each important announcement and fully understands all the new policies. 

It’s tough, to say the least. But there’s hope!

Our latest webinar gives an inside look at how real Lemonly clients use visuals in their internal communications strategy and how those same tactics can help your team overcome some of today’s challenges. 

Make it engaging. Make it concise. Make it stick. All that good stuff. 

So come along and steal some great ideas from some amazing projects.

Watch the webinar recording

Grab a copy of the presentation slides here if you want ’em.

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