Changing jobs can be daunting, nerve-wracking and downright uncomfortable. You arrive at a place you don’t know very well, with people you have seen only through an online bio and jump into work not knowing the total history and background of the company.

At least, that’s normally the case.Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.32.53 AM

My first week at Lemonly was dramatically different. My very first day I was greeted by my Lemonly “buddy,” Ryan, at a coffee shop. I took an online course to get to know how Lemonly works, and I received the best Slack welcome from my fellow co-workers. You see, I started at Lemonly during a location transition, so I was able to experience working at the old office, working remotely AND working at the new office all within my first week.

It was great starting during this transitional time because I was able to experience this milestone moment of Lemonly along with my coworkers. Even though the first week was a bit chilly in the new office (we were without heat for a few days), it was worth it to work beside such talented people. Our blankets kept us cozy, Ashton wore gloves, Molly brought her parka and our space heaters only tripped the breakers a few times.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.32.28 AM
I’ve already started to get to know these wonderful people, whom I will be seeing on a five-days-a-week basis. We have aspiring rappers, dog lovers, coffee cravers, podcast aficionados and our very own Bellatrix Lestrange.

The people at Lemonly make the place; no egos, no hierarchy, and that was the main reason I joined this team.

Lemonly is more than just infographics and sweet visuals: It’s about the team behind those sweet visuals that make it all come together. Everyone is valued for their unique talents, and I feel encouraged to share mine, too.

I’m a month in here at Lemonly, and much warmer thanks to the HVAC guys. Here’s to the next month, and many more as a lemonhead!