Working Remote: Part One

I think it is safe to assume the majority of people have never had a job where they worked remotely each day. As in work from home, the coffee shop, or really anywhere that isn’t at the traditional “office.” Here at Lemonly, three employees work remotely, full-time. At Lemonly headquarters, we often find ourselves wondering how exactly it works. Do they really stay focused all day long or are they even more focused than us, since they don’t have all the usual distractions?

Technology is advancing everyday, making working remotely an extremely doable reality. Need to ask the team a question? Slack them. Need to share your latest design for critique? Post it to Red Pen. While working remotely may not be the norm right now for every company, we know we’re closer than ever, so we decided to pick our remote co-workers’ brains. Check out how they work, what works, and what doesn’t below.

What is your position at Lemonly?
Amy Thorne: Lead Project Manager
Cheryl Loh: Visual Designer
Dafne Sagastume: Visual Designer

What time do you get up in the morning?
A: 6:30 AM to start work by 7:00 AM PST
C: 7:30 AM PST
D: 7:15 AM PST

Where do you work most often?
A: My kitchen island.
C: At my desk area in the living room.
D: I usually work from my home office, but the coffee shop or public library are great alternatives.

How many times a week do you wear your pajamas to work?
A: I pretty much live in yoga clothes, which are close to PJ’s… so 5 days a week? I usually change when I get up in the morning so I feel a little bit better about myself.
C: I’m in pajamas pretty much 90% of the time!
D: Not enough!

If you haven’t brushed your teeth yet and no one is there to smell your breath, does it really stink?
A: Nope. 🙂
C: I brush my teeth first thing in the morning… but I’m guessing it would be pretty stinky if I didn’t!
D: Like peaches and cream.

What do you like most about working remotely?
A: My days are more productive. I don’t spend as much time getting ready for work as I used to and there’s no commute time. Since working remotely I’ve probably gained an extra 2 hours of free time a day. Working alone also allows me to really focus on the task ahead. I think there can be more office distractions than home distractions.
C: The comfort of working from home.
D: Being able to work from anywhere in the world!

What is your biggest challenge?
A: The lack of co-workers and the isolation.
C: Getting to know the team.
D: Not getting out of the house enough.

Coffee or tea?
A: Coffee.
C: Definitely tea!
D: Tea… usually orange or mint flavored.

If you worked at the Lemonly office, who would you want to sit next to?
A: My first choice would be the Edward Cullen cutout. Second choice would be right between Morgan and Amy C. I don’t think we’d get much work done though. 🙂
C: Michael.
D: All my awesome project managers. They’re pretty great.

If you were speaking to a new remote employee, what advice would you give them?
A: Get in a pattern every morning. Don’t have a TV, and if you do, don’t turn it on. Switch up your location, or go to a coffee shop, so you don’t turn into a bad-breathed, PJ-wearing hermit.
C: Make the most out of your lunch break and the saved time you have from not needing to travel to work. Try to get outside during lunch breaks – run errands, go for a run, or meet up with a friend for lunch.
D: Manage your time well. Map out your entire work week, if possible. Communicate with your co-workers regularly. Get “into a zone” while working.

Do you work remotely? We’d love to read your tips and tricks in the comments below! You can also read our CEO John’s post on 4 Tips to Make Working Remotely Work For You.

Stay tuned for part two, folks!