Hello again! It’s Cameron and Brianna—the 2019 Lemonly summer interns.

Hopefully you’re getting used to seeing our faces in your social media feeds. At this point, we have introduced ourselves and showcased a bit of our work. But perhaps you’re still curious, pondering such questions as: What’s the big deal with this Lemonly internship anyway? What do those two actually do? Could I be an intern at Lemonly some day? 

Well, look no further, friends, because we’re here to give you an exclusive inside look at our roles as Lemonly interns. Here’s an honest breakdown of a standard work day for each of us—the rhythms, meetings, deadlines and, of course, the fun.  

Cameron, Content Intern

8:00 AM – Bike down to the office, turn on the neon Lemonly sign, and brew a fresh pot of coffee.

8:15 – Drink said coffee, sign in to Slack, and find a few funny GIFs to share. 

8:30 – Bring my email inbox to zero; check calendar for today’s meetings and events.

9:00 – Join “kickoff call” for a new client project with content manager Maddie, project manager Allison, and a few other team members. Scribble copious notes during the call and ask a couple related questions.

10:00 – Grab a coffee refill and find a snack in the kitchen.

10:10 – Chat with Mike Mazoo about the ribs he grilled last weekend. 

10:30 – Attend the Monday morning “all call” team meeting. Get debriefs and updates from our CEO John about business goals and progress. Leave meeting motivated. 

11:15 – Pull up an internal blog post I’m working on, plug in my headphones, and pump out a few paragraphs. 

Noon – Warm up a can of chunky tomato bisque soup. Salivate by the microwave for two long minutes. 

12:05 PM – Eat soup at my desk while researching copywriting techniques online.

12:35 – Proofread a couple pending projects on Slack.

1:00 – Attend weekly “New Crew” meeting. Discuss new campaign on internal communications and update team on my related blog post. 

1:42 – Snag a strawberry bubly™ from the fridge and head upstairs to the couch to dive into copywriting for a client infographic.

3:30 – Head back to my desk downstairs; Slack a funny GIF to my intern buddy, Maddie. 

3:37 – Check out copy feedback from my fellow “copy cats” Nick and Middie on one of my blog posts. Accept their edits and wonder at their erudition. 

4:05 – Pack my bag and bike home. 

Brianna, Design Intern

8:30 AM – Start the day off remotely with an early “kick-off” call led by project manager Allison for a client overseas. Get excited about designing a microcontent piece for a hotel in a European city I’ve always wanted to travel to.

9:00 – Hop in my car and try to drown out the pelting rain with a new episode of the Creative Pep Talk podcast during my commute.

10:00 – Stroll into Lemonly HQ, umbrella in tow. Lay out my laptop and iPad to do a little sketching. 

10:05 – Fill my water bottle. Retrieve the stray ice cubes that unavoidably escaped.

10:20 – Respond to Slack messages and check in with Allison to see what’s on the agenda for the week.

10:30 – Notice (just in time) that we are gathering for the weekly “All Call” meeting and hustle over to snag a spot with a pillow on the stadium steps.

11:00 – Remove my headphones to hear the faint pitter-patter of little paws on the floor. Realize Kelsea has brought her puppy, Wilson, into the office. Pet him. Today is now the best day. 

11:15 – Get some advice on an internal piece from my intern buddy, Molly, and in turn show her some cool hacks I learned over the weekend for Procreate

12:00 PM – Devour a PB&J sandwich (and relive school lunch memories) while working on a wireframe for an infographic. 

1:00 – Post final files for a client project on Basecamp and head on to Dribbble for some inspiration.

1:30 – Take a peek on Lab for feedback from the creative team on a project. Update some illustrations with their valuable insights.

3:00 – Watch a funny video Nick sent in the #random Slack channel before getting back to work on building a wireframe.

3:45 – Bounce some ideas off of fellow intern Cameron on our project for the South Dakota Advertising Federation.

4:00 – Slide back and forth between Pinterest, Dribbble, and Behance finding inspiration for three moodboards.

4:30 – Roll my chair over to creative director Amy for some help selecting color palettes.

5:00 – Watch a Skillshare video on illustration.

5:45 – Unplug my tech, pack up my backpack, and say goodbye to Amy and Morgan on the way out.

And that’s about it! Lemonly strives to be the best place to work in the Midwest. With a talented team, cutting-edge culture, and top-notch clients, we think they must be getting close. And best of all (for us, anyway), Lemonly values and respects its interns—teaching, challenging, and encouraging us in our work. What more can an intern ask? 

Have any other specific questions about the Lemonly internship? Feel free to ask us on Twitter → @Lemonly.