So you’re looking for some inspiration, huh? Well, you’re in for a treat. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite work on Vimeo.

Demo reels

Every so often, studios release a demo reel. These are montages of a variety of work the studio has produced over the last year, or in some cases, the last six months. It depends on the volume of work they do.

Some studios will release montages of all of their work, and some will have specific reels for specific types of projects. For instance, check out the studio King and Country and their broadcast reel, followed by a few other examples we admire.

King and Country

Giant Ant



Lemonly also makes a demo reel each year. Here’s our latest:


Are you looking for a wider range of content to view? Dig through these Vimeo channels we’ve hand-picked.


Motionographer has been an industry leader in bringing news and inspiration to the motion graphics world. Not only do they operate on, they also have a Vimeo channel with loads of inspiration for you to check out.

See Motionographer’s channel here.

Motionographer’s latest post:

Wine After Coffee

Wine after Coffee has been curating content for five years. If you are looking for some inspiration, chances are you will find some here.

See Wine After Coffee’s channel here.

Wine After Coffee’s latest post:


Vimeo isn’t just for inspiration but also education. There are many channels and videos on tutorials about software and techniques but this one, by Tony Zhou, is my personal favorite. Tony breaks down a variety of filming aspects, from storytelling, editing and style.

See Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting channel here.

Tony Zhou’s latest post: