We have an exciting case study to share. Scribendi is an English language editing and proofreading service. They came to Lemonly with three main goals:

1. Help the general public make sense of their services

2. Illustrate the difference between two confusingly similar steps of the writing process: editing and proofreading

3. Be noticed by influencers in their field

So naturally, our idea was to turn this somewhat confusing topic into a heavyweight-boxing match depicting the importance of editing and proofreading in the writing process. Obviously.

The infographic walks viewers through the most important parts of writing and rewriting their work. It also gives the two heavyweights “advantages” based on when a user should have an editing vs. a proofreading mindset. (Hint: We suggest thinking in terms of editing towards the beginning of the process and in terms of proofreading towards the end.)

Shortly after Scribendi posted the infographic of the battling English-language titans on their website, it started getting traffic. They sent the link to their infographic to a few major influencers, and things really took off when @GrammarGirl of “Grammar Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips” toasted them with a retweet.

Since Scribendi published it 10 days ago, the infographic has seen more than 37,000 page views, more than 34,000 stumbles, 741 clicks on Twitter with 70 retweets, and around 300 referrals on Facebook. Talk about a knockout post.

“We’re thrilled that this one has proven so popular, not only because it has introduced so many people to the Scribendi brand, but because it neatly explains what is sometimes a hard concept for people outside the industry,” President of Scribendi.com Chandra Clarke said.

At Lemonly, our mission is to create understanding through sweet visuals. In the case of Scribendi’s “Editing vs. Proofreading” infographic, I think we accomplished out mission. Congrats to Scribendi on your success!