Here’s a fun fact: It would take Ocean’s 11 about 5,625 Bellagio casino heists to raise the money spent saving Matt Damon throughout his filmic history.

From “Saving Private Ryan” to “Green Zone,” “Elysium” to “The Martian,” it seems Matt just can’t catch a break when he’s out fighting for his¬†country or exploring the unknown. He’s a pretty skilled damsel in distress, though.

Below, we’ve designed and developed a fun, little interactive that walks through the costs associated with bringing Matt home. You can watch the piles of moolah stack up and wonder, “Really, is it all worth it?” Maybe Matt should take up a more sedentary hobby than potato farming on the surface of Mars.

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How were these numbers calculated? Kynan Eng, who normally works “at the interface between neuroscience, engineering and human-computer interaction,” researched the costs of private jet charter flights, the various estimated space-travel expenses, and other odds and ends. See how he reached his conclusions here.